Alpha Health Care runs detailed tests to determine a program most suitable for your needs. Our program tests for a range of diseases, nutirtional shortages, hormonal inbalance, thyroid problems and vitamin deficiencies that can, once adjusted, lead major health and body mass index (BMI) improvements.



Depending on the customized weight loss program designed by our Doctors, we provide a range of dietary, exercise, FDA approved therapies (eg. appetite suppressants) and/or supplements based on the specific client's needs. These therapies can range from hormone (eg. thyroid, testosterone adjustments) to vitamin supplements.



Knowlege is power! Our Doctors provide all clients with the information and knowledge to become healthier for life. Our weight loss education program is dedicated to giving you all the facts and dispelling myths about your body mass and how it relates directly to your health.

Follow up

We are dedicated to long-term weight loss solutions for a happy and healthier life. As such, Alpha Heath Care maintains a follow-up program to ensure that your successful program - stays successful. This program ensures that your goal BMI / BMR stays at a healthy level.

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The Skinny on 'Hidden Fat': Why Being Thin Is Not Equal to Being Healthy - ABC News

In the ongoing war on obesity, health officials have consistently focused on Body Mass Index, or BMI, as a measure of weight appropriate to a certain height.

The bad news is that more than a third of Americans, 34.9 percent, are obese, with a BMI of over 30, according to 2014 study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Another third of Americans are overweight, according to the CDC, with a BMI of between 25 and 30.

Nutritional Personal Consultation

Nutritional Personal Consultation

Nuritional information can be tricky business, but at Alpha Health Care our Doctors can give you all the information your require to meet your goals an maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our Nutrirtional Consultation Services will give you the most out of the food you eat in conjunction with a customized exercise plan.

Mission  |  Dr. Snyder, MD

  • The dynamic team at Alpha Health Care ensure the utmost care and reliability for your weight loss and nutritional consultation. With our experienced Doctors and assistants we have a honed sense of what will work with all types of patients. There truly is no one size fits all program. We advocate stringent guidelines to ensure that all the appropriate tests are made to identify problems that non-specializing Doctors may overlook. It is our goal to do everything we can to make your program a lasting weight management solution for you.
    Fredrick Keen Dr. Stephan Snyder, MD

    CEO - Alpha Health Care Pro Weight Management
    30+ years of experience in Medical Weight Loss